As a child, I remember many of nights waking up with stricking pain in my legs. As a child with an intense imagination, darkness was no friend of mine, which often lead to me scared to death to make a sound. As the pain worsened, tears would fill my eyes until I got up the courage to  scream, "DADDY!". 

Not even a minute would pass before my dad would slide next to me. He would bring me pain medication and rub my legs until it all became a dream. 

No matter how old I got, how dark it was, what hour of the night, my dad would come and hold me until I fell asleep; As I've gotten older, I've realized God is the same exact way. No matter the situation, the darkness, what hour or how frightening, when we call on God, He will meet us where we are, comfort us and help us through the hard times in life. 

Although the nights of growing were hurt, even then I knew It was worth it even for one more inch. All the bad would be turned to good,  for with every growing pain came one more inch! Life is too the same way. With every pain we experience, we have an opportunity to grow, to learn and to get better.

Growing Pains are a culmination of wisdom learned through experiences, stories, people, and failures. I hope these wisdom nuggets can help you as much as they've too helped me!


Grab a cup of Joe, get cozy and hang out a while. :)