Walk With Him

Updated: May 18, 2020

As my friend and I sat in the car, I found myself surrounded and crippled by all of the frustrations, questions and anxieties of the week. Oh, how the Lord always knows just what to say when we are willing to listen

As I sank into the chair, my friends voice broke the chaos encircling my mind. “You know Meghan, God could have flown you over the valley, Crumbled the mountain and then walked with you over it. He could have brought you around it, but He chose to bring you through it.” In that moment, tears streamed from my eyes. To you that may seem like a discouraging thought, but to me, there were no better words that could have been said

God could have made the mountains in my life and yours disappear, but He wanted to walk with us through them. Why? He wanted to teach us to trust Him, show us the darkness isn’t lonely when you walk with Him, show us there is a way out, make us stronger... teach us to listen to His voice when it gets too dark to see Him. He loves us too much to enable us from life. He loves us too much to let us walk in our own safeness when we could walk with Him through the shadows. For our loving father knows it's better to walk in the worst moments of life with Him, than the best without Him

A lot of us wait to follow God and end up wandering through the desserts of life for years, squandering every last option to fill this gap, quench this thirst, feed this hunger. We tend to temporarily fill it only to find it back with vengeance soon after; oftentimes leaving us hopeless and suffocated in shame

The whole time God patiently waits. Watching us wander. He patiently calls us back, even though we pass Him without recognition. For some it takes months, others decades, but no matter when we come back He meets us where we are when we call

I have been honored to experience that God’s grace is this; God is there. In the valley. No matter the span of time wondering. All we must do is call.. WHEN is up to us... but we will always end up in the same spot, and that is running, stumbling or dragging ourselves into the arms that were always there to walk. With. Us.

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