Do You Ever Glorify The Past?

Updated: May 18, 2020

No matter how terrible a situation is, we glorify it once it's gone.

You know that saying, you never know what you've got until it's gone. Sometimes you do know what you had and all you can remember once it's gone are the good things. And oftentimes, even the good things are glorified.

When I reminisce about quitting my first job, to move onto something greater, I barely ever focus on the times of injustice, times of wanting to quit, times of driving 25 minutes to a minimum wage job, leaving at the crack of the dawn to get to work.

The past always seems greater when you are in a state of reminiscing or loneliness. We glorify the past only remembering the “good old days”. However, if the good old days were still here, the kids playing on the streets you once grew up on will no longer be there, the old house that seemed like a mansion will probably feel more like a stuffy cave, the old job that you look back on, if you still had, would be nothing but a nuisance of contentment, and that person that you dated that you knew wasn't good for you would only be 10 times more aggravating than he/she was when you finally built up the guts to break up with them.

In saying this, we cannot allow the past to stay better than the future or our present will only make us depressed due to lack of growth. We can't move forward while looking back, so we must keep our eyes looking towards the future God has, even when it intimidates or grapples us with fear.

What is that idea, memory, person that continues to simmer in the secret places of your brain? The job you knew was right to quit, yet you second guess, the person you had to leave, yet you wonder what-if I had never said goodbye, that safety you reassure yourself maybe wasn’t so destructive, or that way of living that was so comfortable yet filled you with guilt. It’s not the looking back that is stopping us from moving forward, it’s our contentment in occupying a time that is gone.

I am choosing to look forward toward destiny, who is going with me?

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