Complaining VS Proclaiming

Updated: May 18, 2020

** It's important to know the difference between COMPLAINING and PROCLAIMING

How often do we pray for God to take something away yet neglect to take any part in making that happen? I find myself on a regular basis asking God why my mindset isn't changing, why my perspective remains pessimistic, why my pursuit to change is not met with a meritable outcome

What I've started to notice is that I often neglect the importance of my words. My negative thoughts maintain power because I give it to them. My pessimistic tendencies remain because I may fight them in one area but in the next area I feed into them

… And that's when I realized: we cannot complain and proclaim and expect change. Let me explain...

We cannot expect change if we are proclaiming the truth in one breath yet in the same breath complaining that things are never going to get better. The only way to truly combat our natural tendencies are to stop complaining and to start proclaiming who God says we are. It is in the moments that we hear the lies from Satan and declare that we are children of God that our mindsets begin to change. It will take time but eventually we will begin to rewire our brains, we will start to see less negative and more positive, we will begin to see as Christ sees!

My goals: stop and think before I speak, before I react, and start proclaiming! We are not who Satan says we are, we are not who others say we are, but we are who God says we are! Let's CHANGE for the better and let's do it TOGETHER!

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