Wisdom Nuggets

About a week ago I met with one of my absolute favorite people, Pastor Brenda. As the fragrance of fresh brewed coffee filled the air our hearts poured out stories about THE LORD. Always an inspiration we spoke of many wisdom nuggets and lessons and then…

Pastor B, mentioned, "Meghan, wisdom is not given to us to suppress, it's meant to share", and she continued to encourage me to be more intentional for even one person helped is enough.

Following God's path can be a lot of what I like to call "growing pains"; a lot of experiences that are necessary to equip you for God's calling, but if not carefully handled in the right perspective, can dismantle what God is calling you to do. The older i've gotten the more I've realized the importance of learning from those who have been where I want to be, or chasing after a destiny that surpasses their own dreams. We all need some encouragement throughout our lives, and to be reminded we are not alone!

Does the pain at times seem overpowering? Yes. Is it worth it? Always. Why? Because in every crushing there is growth. In every pain there is a lesson. So here is the first to what I will be calling Growing Pains

Growing Pains will be a collection of wisdom shared with me by mentors, found in books, videos, conversations, and in my life that I feel could help someone on their life journey! I will be posting every other week and I pray you too will share your wisdom below in the comments!

Let's do this TOGETHER.

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